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The Critical Path, The First Year

By Horace Dediu and Dan Benjamin

Publication Date: September 28th

The Critical Path is a talk show on the podcast network. Horace Dediu and Dan Benjamin contemplate the causes of success and failure in technology markets. Using Apple as a lens they try to understand what it means to be great.

This book captures the essence of over 30 episodes through painstaking transcription and editing providing a deep resource for further analysis, recollection, reference and reflection.

Our goal was to provide the first year’s full transcript in a form that can be referenced and annotated and shared. The full year turned out to be too ambitious due to overall length (requiring more than 1000 pages in print form). We chose to exclude the interviews (to be published separately) and removed administrative discussions, banter and ads. As a result there are 31 episodes from June 7th, 2011 through May 30th, 2012, plus an introductory Pipeline interview from April 28th, 2011. 

Technical Specifications

ISBN (Print edition): 978-0-9817300-4-2 

ISBN (ebook edition): 978-0-9817300-3-5 


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